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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dogs & Raccoons

I'm going to try to sneak a few posts up this week even though life is CRAZY BUSY. We leave Friday & I'm swamped with packing and cleaning and remodeling chores. The puppies have been very neglected- the weather has been too cold and rainy to go to the park much. Zoe cracked me up when she plopped herself down in the middle of the nicely made couch atop all the pillows. They were all over the floor within a few hours.

My other silly puppy sits in all sorts of awkward positions on the couch.

They have been testing my nerves lately, but I bought a new (slightly larger) crate. I've only put them in it together one time, but it made me laugh hard enough to forget what I was upset about.

So other random thing is that raccoons have been out lately. We pulled into the Dairy Queen on a very major road near our house & we saw several raccoons playing in the back by the drive-thru.

What was more odd was that there was a cat there that didn't seem to mind the raccoon at all. A few days later, as we turned down our street we saw another raccoon run into the drain.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: The sun is out finally!

1 comment:

Christy said...

Ha! Y'all have raccoons out there & we have possums. :D
Loving this weather!!!