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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wanaka to Fox Glacier

I'm posting all out of order, but it will just have to do for now! Departing Wanaka & heading up the west coast to our next destination, Fox Glacier, we enjoyed driving along two stunning lakes- Lake Hawea & Lake Wanaka.

The water in both was a brilliant blue & they were flanked by spectacular mountains for shorelines.

We pulled over at a few places & look-outs to learn about how the glaciers came to carve out this area & learn a little bit of history.

At the Lake Wanaka Lookout, I was reminded of some of the terrain up in Alaska on the Klondike Highway.

It was still pretty chilly in these parts, even in summer & the strong winds made a jacket a necessity.

This little rock beach made me wish we'd packed a picnic to sit on the shore and enjoy the waves.

I loved catching glimpses of far-off peaks piercing the sky through closer valleys.

We also started to see many smaller glaciers clinging to the mountain face in this area.

I love all the layers in this photo- flat valley floor, gentle river, rolling hills, towering mountains, a glacier, blue sky & puffy clouds.

We traveled along the lovely Makarora River for quite some time on the journey & H kept wanting to stop and fish (if we had any fishing gear!).

We kept driving further north & deeper into the mountains, but it was looking like rain ahead.

We couldn't resist pulling over for another picture beside the idyllic river.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Survived Austin with the kids & have no plans, other than relax, next weekend!

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