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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cru Woodlands Wine Bar

We've actually been to Cru in the Woodlands quite a few times & I just haven't had the opportunity to take pictures & gather old photos for the blog. They are located in a great area of the Woodlands- right on the Market Street town square. Perfect for shopping & to people watch at they cruise the strip.

The serve a full menu & have some smaller snacks that they offer. including some great cheese plates. The bar is a great place to sit & I like that you can see all the wines in the cooler on the back wall.

There are a variety of wine flights that they offer & several times a week they have specials/events that add a nice variety. Sign up for their email newsletters to find out about all the fun stuff or see their bars in other cities (Denver, Austin & Dallas).

The restaurant/bar is decorated nicely, with touches of a wine theme all around. The cellar is visible on the wall & they have enlarged wine labels to poster size for the walls. A great bar, usually very busy & very active. It's convenient to meet up here with our friends before or after dinner somewhere else in the Woodlands.

Our first trip was actually last Christmas when we met up with some friends at night & the Christmas decorations added to the ambiance nicely.

And just because the night included some funny stories & I'll always remember being there with these two, I had to put this photo in the post.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: John has had 2 surgeries in 2 days to remove blood clots in his leg and hopefully will come home tomorrow feeling much better.

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