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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Langham Hotel - Auckland

Back to New Zealand blogging & my last Auckland post before moving onto the South Island. I made all our reservations and picked out all the hotels on this trip, with much advice and direction from Trip Advisor forums and reviews. I really wanted to avoid typical international mega-chain hotels and stay at something with a little more local flavor. The Langham in Auckland was the most notable hotel & we decided to check it out.

The room was pretty typical hotel room & a little bit dated.

There was a sense of style and elegance in all the decor and accents in the room- I just loved this pink and brown floral motif that was found around the hotel.

We had a nice view, but not towards the harbor but we did manage to spot a little wine bar.

The interior of the hotel was lovely and we found the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

There is quite a nice bar & lounge area that attracted a good crowd in the evenings for drinks.

All in all, the hotel was nice enough but nothing special. It didn't feel unique or extraordinary, but we still paid a upper mid-range price for the room. I wished we'd either stayed at the nice Hilton or at a smaller boutique place in the city.

I don't have any bathroom photos, but the bathroom in our room had been nicely redone & was more updated than the rest of the room.

The grounds around the property were well landscaped and I loved taking in all the new types of plants and trees.

I think that you could, in theory or about 20 minutes, walk down to the wharf area, but we typically took a taxi down to the area for a few dollars.

Probably one of my biggest complaints was the breakfast. It was expensive- even the buffet. I just can't eat enough food to even justify half of the price. We ate all of our other meals around town, but the food for breakfast seemed to be good albeit pricey.

Just a few more random shots around Auckland- I loved all the clocks & I have such a different relationship with time while on vacation.

And let me just finish out with Auckland by sharing this sushi buffet. It was not at the hotel, but just one place we stumbled upon one night. They had sushi displayed and you just went and picked up whatever piece you wanted. It was neat and different.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: In beautiful, hilly Asheville, North Carolina and Tennessee tonight and tomorrow.

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