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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Devonport Wine Festival

After our ferry harbour tour returned to the dock, we walked back up to the ticket counter & bought tickets to go back to Devonport and check out the Devonport Wine Festival going on in the picturesque suburb across the water.

Stepping off the ferry, this quaint street and building met us with beautiful flowers.

I have no idea what these flowers were, but they reminded me of Texas bluebonnets.

We paid a small entrance fee & were given a tasting glass to visit all the wineries' booths.

The festival was out on the little peninsula park that was surrounded by water & bathed in warm sunshine on this afternoon.

There were a few brave souls in the water cooling off and catching some rays.

The live band provided some great music and the crowd was rocking out.

Any place with shrimp on a stick is alright by me!

We had a blast here- good food, great wine, incredible weather, fun music, beautiful setting.

We were so happy we just stumbled upon this local event & got to interact with so many locals and not just throngs of tourists.

I felt like I was in California with the weather and beautiful trees, people just lounging around and enjoying life with some wine.

This was quite an interesting scene to watch unfold....

We sat for a while watching all the boats sail in and out of the bay.

There were tons of wines to try- you could buy a glass full or an entire bottle.

This was such a great way to start our vacation & really relax after the long flight.

We even did a little dancing to the Blues Brothers.

We sat on a grassy hill for a while watching the band and watching the people, but I still like to tease H about being on his blackberry on vacation.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Back in Detroit, presenting my 2nd published paper today.

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