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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Auckland Sky Tower

Like the big picture? The Auckland Sky Tower was BIG!

On our way back from our full day tour, our guide dropped us off downtown and we headed to the Sky Tower. Late February was perfect time for us to catch all decorations for Chinese New Year.

The glass bottom elevator was quite nerve wracking for H, but I thought it was very cool.

Looking back towards the ferry dock & cruise ship in port.

Yea, we got a little sun burned out on the water the previous day enjoying the wine festival.

I loved how the hustle and bustle of the city was nestled along the water's edge with the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the background.

Lots and lots of boats all waiting to go out and play.

We've been to lots of tall buildings in the last few years, but we particularly enjoyed the views in Auckland- there's just something so beautiful about being surrounded by so much water

I was actually really surprised that H would stand out on the glass bottom portion- he wouldn't even go close to it in Chicago.

We could see lots of people playing games in the park & even a happy dog running around.

We really tried to find this place, unfortunately without much luck, once we left the Tower.

All in all, a very pretty and very green city with lots of trees and landscaping.

Auckland was an interesting city to me, knowing it was the largest one in all of New Zealand. At times, it felt much larger than 1 million people and at times, much smaller.

Not many rooftop pools here- just a helipad.

I'd highly recommend this activity for everybody. We didn't partake in the catwalk on the outside (along that decking) or do the bungee jumping, but we saw a few brave souls take the plunge.

Any and all afternoons on a vacation are the prefect time for a little ice cream treat. There is a little cafe and bar up top, but a fairly small selection & we were full from all the earlier wine tastings.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Mia did her first full "big dog" run yesterday- she ran 3.5 miles on leash at the park with us!