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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Oasis Austin

Last weekend we grabbed my brother & sister and headed to Austin to explore. Our first stop was at The Oasis on Lake Travis.

They are famous for their layers of decking that provides awesome views of the sunset and all the partiers out on the lake.

I loved my years living in Austin during college & couldn't believe the kids hadn't been up there to do any sightseeing.

The lake was pretty quiet for a sunny Saturday, but there was still a crowd at Windy Point Park.

I tried explaining to them how the Colorado River, through 3 dams, formed the 3 Austin area lakes.

I was just blown away by how much The Oasis is growing. Way back when, it was a little local restaurant that was pretty simple & basic.

They are expanding and getting into the events (weddings!) and hotel area of things.

We jealously checked out all the amazing houses on the lake & schemed about how we might get our own one day.

It's so big and fancy now- I hardly recognize it :(

Like all of Austin- rampant construction and expansion. I'm kinda sad to see the little dive restaurant gone, but such is progress.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Looks like we are going to Belize for our anniversary! Sooooo excited about that ;)