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Friday, August 6, 2010

Kidz at Barton Springs

Our last stop in Austin with the kids was at Barton Springs- an amazing natural fed pool that has been an Austin favorite for decades. We tried to go on Saturday afternoon, but were discouraged by the crowds.

We showed up early on Sunday & it was pretty empty around lunch time, but quickly filled up in the afternoon. I'd been as a child & somehow missed hanging out here when I was in college.

Just below the dam is a cool dog park area where owners & furry friends hang out in the water too.

The water is a very chilly & it was quite a show to see who would take the plunge first. Hunter does it with style!

The diving board was quite popular & the kids had fun doing some stunts.

It was pretty entertaining to watch everybody, young & old, have fun getting some air.

Hunter can do front flips.

Haley does a wicked canon ball.

The rocks on the bottom make it irregular & very slippery.

The kids had a race where they both stumbled and slipped.

Haley goes down first...

They had to much fun together, just hanging out & being silly.

It's so great to catch real smiles out of these two.

They were laughing hysterically & we were quite entertained. We stayed until we got hungry & the park was getting crowded, then drove back to Houston.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Kidz made it home safely from their mission trip in Mexico & I'll be stealing Facebook photos over the next few weeks.