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Monday, August 9, 2010


Click. The Good News Original Blogger Format, early 2009

Click. The Good News Blogger Format, 2009-2010

I am moving on up in the blogging world to CLICK. THE GOOD NEWS!

Please update your feed reader to

As of Saturday August 6, 2010, I've posted 1,144 posts on the old Blogger format & invested literally thousands of hours over the past 3 years. I stopped to think about how much I really enjoyed blogging, forcing myself to finish my photos & get them online, not getting too far behind in life (well, except the past 4 months!), capturing the day to day normalcy that is our life, reminiscing about each of our big trips overseas, documenting all the funny & adorable things the dogs do, and so much more. I decided to make the major investment that will allow me to grow & for all these memories to be properly backed up and accessible for the future.

Click. The Good News Original Blogger Format, 2007

I love that I have it all here in one place. I consider this a new hybrid between keeping a diary and making a scrapbook. Doing all the transfer & site maintenance to get to my new location, I spent quite a bit of time going through the blog & straightening things up. Seeing how my blogging has evolved over the last 3 year is both surprising and encouraging. I've learned so much about photography, picked up a few coding tips, immersed myself in so many other wonderful blogs that I read & have really begun to value how much this blog means to me.

With over 107,000+ views on the old Blogger web page, I hope that many of you follow me over to Wordpress. I've officially got a domain name & some fun new features.

<span class=Wordpress Back End" height="347" width="700">

I've got a lot to learn about WordPress & how to use all the functionality that comes with a real fancy blog format. I can't wait to see how blogging changes over the next 3 years.

Things I'm looking forward to changing

-Neater layout & organization

-Important things just 1 click away at the drop down menu's up top

-Photo upgrades- border, watermark, galleries, easier uploading

-New banner (still to come) & background

-Easier & safer long-term back up options

-Optional privacy for future posts


See ya on the flip side~

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Finally! Been working on this a few months & I'm excited to move ahead even if everything isn't finished yet.


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