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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Perfect House

Although I've covered various projects as we've worked on them around the house over the last 3 years, I wanted to put all my final house pictures in one place & create one great memory. We've got 4 more nights in this house that I've called home for almost 5 years & a part of me is really sad to be moving. Of course, we *just* finished doing everything we wanted to do around the house & it was perfect! And....we're moving. It's just the way life is sometimes. Our new front door & bricks around the flowerbeds add a nice finishing touch on the house.

This is why I love this house. The kitchen is so great for hanging out- just the two of us or with groups of friends or family. It's so big and open, lots of room for the dogs to chase each other, our bedroom is just a few steps away & the living room is right here. We've added so much of our own art & I don't realize how much I miss it until we've taken it all down to be packed.

H and I would dance circles around our kitchen when we were practicing our two-stepping moves. I'd play chase with Zoe and we'd go round & round the islands.

The big windows across the back are just awesome to let so much sunlight in and make the room so bright. I know it's stupid to be sentimental about a TV, but I am. It was one of the first big marriage compromises and H was so excited to have it. I've come around a bit and watch more television than I did before, but I'm also happy that he's getting a bigger, better, newer one delivered to our new house tomorrow.

I won't miss the fireplace. It's for looks only & doesn't actually get hot.

There is a funny story behind this table. I bought it, the 4 chairs, matching buffet and mirror for $700. I could barely afford it when I moved in because I'd just bought the house, but it was too good of a deal to pass up and I needed something (anything!) to put in my dining room. H likes our lamp so much he wants to put in an identical one at our new house- I'm searching for some similar alternatives.

Our final decorating on the house was making this a cozy sitting room to visit with each other or sip wine with friends. So many things about this room make me happy- the modern table, the fancy chairs, our wall sconces, the palm trees lit up at night, the soothing blue wall, the giant mirror, my mom's artwork on the walls.

Although I still miss my hot pink bedroom, I like the colors in our bedroom so much that on Sunday we painted our new bedroom about the same shades that are on the comforter. The puppies regularly play with their toys and each other on the floor here between the bed and bathroom. This is the first room we painted in the house and it's the first thing we painted in our new house.

Our master bath is nothing special, but I do have many fond memories of laughing at my husband being silly or the puppies doing funny things. You just lots of your life in the bathroom- getting ready for work in the morning or ready for bed at night. It's nice and bright, but we never did any work or updates here.

Where I spend about 80% of my waking time in our house. I'm at home working on bills or photos or my blog or reading the news. The puppies lounge on the couch or fight for the toys on the floor. This was the first room I decorated from start to finish & I am having such a hard time deciding what to do with my office in the new house. I've had the white & aqua for about 2 years and I think I'm ready for something different.

H's office is probably the least used room in our house (behind the dining room), but he does like to hang out here when he's doing some reading.

I just love how our guest bedroom turned out- with my great grandpas armoire, my grandma's rocking chair and H's old sleigh bed. The green leaves are so calming that I'm not changing a thing about this room in the new house. I just have 1 wall to paint green & the room will be done. Our garden is right out that window, and I'd love to peek at it or see how the lemon & lime tree were doing.

We use the guest bathroom a surprising amount- including washing the dogs. Once the wallpaper is taken down at the new place, the guest bath will be pretty much the same.

That's pretty much our house- plus the backyard and our closets. We've made so many great memories in this place and we're both sad to be leaving. It's really the perfect size for us and the pups- we are never too far from each other, just around a corner. We just fell like the timing is right to move & we found a house (without a freeway in the backyard) that has some really great things we look forward to loving about it. We're keeping this house as a rental unit and are lucky enough to already have it rented out.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Making my annual appearance at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo tonight to see Keith Urban.


HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I think we have the same bedroom furniture. And we have very similar bed linens.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Already rented? Rats, I wanted it -- it's gorgeous! ;-)

Alleigh said...

You guys have done an amazing job with the house, and how exciting to look forward to the memories you'll be making in the new place. Congratulations all the way around!

Christy said...

Looks great! All the best to you guys in the new house!!!

Delilah and Rocket said...

All the best to you with the move.