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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spectacular Cape Town & Hotel

Cape Town! I hadn't really thought about what to expect, but I was blown away by CT. It was probably my favorite part of our whole trip- great weather, beautiful scenery & wonderful people. I'm totally a mountain girl and would move to the mountains in an instant, so I was constantly with a smile on my face enjoying all the mountains on the Cape.

Although we were sitting right over the wing on the flight from Dubai, I was able to shot a few photos backwards and catch some of the rugged terrain of the area.

Sunday when we landed, I snapped a few photos of Table Mountain as we drove from the airport. Unfortunately, on our first day tour, when we were supposed to visit Table Mountain, it was all clouded in and we had to go another day. It was also sadly missing from the backdrop on all our other photos.

Cape Town is a big port city and has an interesting place in the maritime history of the world. We really enjoyed learning about all the different sailors that were attempting to reach Asia from Europe, and how South Africa developed such a rich & unique cultural and political history.

We also had some amazing seafood while we were there too. Lobster, shrimp, fish & calamari make for an excellent lunch, of course accompanied by a bottle of cool white wine.

We stayed at the Cape Cadogan Apartments & really enjoyed the beautiful little studio apartment that was all white.

Not tat we used the full kitchen at all, but the fridge was nice & I loved this little atrium between the kitchen, bedroom & living room. It added so much light and brightness to the whole apartment.

We had a nice couch to relax on, a table to setup my computer for photo editing and H's work, and a lovely little balcony, from which I could see Table Mountain on a clear day.

I've always wanted an all-white house and an all-white bed. I know that I, the world's biggest klutz and spiller with a dog, should never really have an all-white bed, but I certainly enjoyed sleeping in one for a few nights.

The apartments were located in a fairly nice area- several great restaurants and bars within a few minutes walk. We found a super-cheap laundry place around the corner & could walk to downtown in about 10 minutes. The breakfast every morning was great & the staff was super-friendly and very helpful.

We were in a 2nd floor apartment & the property had tons of gates and security locks. We felt very safe & even enjoyed opening our windows to let the cool, fresh air inside.

I've got several days of Cape Town posts coming up!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Only working a half-day here in Orlando today- otherwise, sleeping in, going for a jog around their beautiful downtown & catching up on blogging.

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SouthAfrica said...

You are such a good photographer. I've been going through your site and enjoying your clickies of Dubai and Cape Town. Hope you don't mind that I've linked to this webpage from our Cape Cadogan page - I like to direct our readers to high quality writeups like your's.